Winnipeg South Homeschool Collective

The Winnipeg South Homeschool Collective is excited to announce our move to TUESDAYS for 2015-2016. New for September, we will be hosting an hour of cooperative learning for WSHC Members, a project-based program for experienced French speakers and a hip hop class. Additionally, opportunities for teens and an art program are being explored. If you have another option you’d like to host, we have lots of space!

Please contact Karen Friesen for further details about specific programs and their deposits; include your children’s ages and in which programs you would like to participate–karencfriesen [at] hotmail [dot] com.

***All fees confirmed based on registrations received before September 1, 2015. Maximums below include a family membership fee; members are welcome to enjoy the facility for the day.***

To date, our plan looks as follows:

Tuesdays, September 15, 2015 – April 26, 2016, 28 sessions, 10-3:30 with sessions and free play throughout the day

* Co-operative Learning (cost varies per supplies), open to all WSHC Members, 10-11am
* Music for Young Children, Sunshine for ages 3 and 4, time TBD; $165/10 sessions
* Winnipeg South Choirs, ages 5 and up, 11-1:45; 2014 maximums: $236/one child, $325/two children, $340/family
* Conversational French for Beginning Speakers, ages 5 and up, 11-1:4; maximum $10/class
* French for Experienced Speakers (francophone or immersion experience), ages 5 and up, 11-1:45; maximum $10/class
* Dance (ballet, jazz and hip hop), ages 4 and up, 1-3:30, boys for a reduced rate; maximum $10/class
* Science and Heritage Fair, to be held in February 2016

We welcome new members!

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