We are a group of homeschoolers from Winnipeg, Manitoba that are working together to help each other make the best of our common homeschooling experience.

    MASH is dedicated to creating a sense of community among homeschoolers throughout Manitoba.
    MASH actively promotes homeschooling by providing information to the Manitoba homeschooling community.
    MASH works as a liaison between homeschoolers and the Government of Manitoba.

Membership is open to anyone who agrees with the aims of the organization. It is a secular organization open to all faiths, philosophies and points of view. A member is any person who has registered with MASH to receive homeschooling information, and who agrees with the aims and objectives of the organization.

We maintain a seasonal newsletter and regular email updating members with events and information.

We also maintain an active Facebook presence:

In 2013 we made some significant changes to the way MASH works. You can read about it here.

For more information about MASH, you can look at our BYLAWS, or you can CONTACT US with any questions you have!