Teen Homeschooling Group: three65

MASH is sometimes asked to pass on information that might be of interest to homeschooling families. While we as an organization do not endorse these items, many of our members participate in and benefit from this information.

three65 is a Winnipeg-based learning community for teens. Registrations are now open for new members. Here is some information on who we are and what we do:

Who We Are
three65 is a democratically-run community of teens (ages 12 and up) and mentors who learn and explore together. They meet weekly to plan and implement workshops and activities around youth interests. Here are some examples of the workshops they are lining up for the fall:

    computer graphics and computer programming
    survival skills
    building a zip line
    “green” building
    writing and publishing

How It Works
three65 youth meet once a week on Thursdays afternoons, from the third week in September to the last week in May. They alternate a planning week, in which a planning mentor helps facilitate the democratic process, with workshop weeks. Other time slots (Wednesday mornings and Saturday afternoons) have been reserved so youth can access them throughout the year for ease of planning — although not all time slots need to be used each week! The workshops come from youth interest and initiative. Parents and mentors form a support network to help find materials, spaces and community mentors around a specific interest.

$40 a month to cover the cost of mentoring, plus a $50 registration fee to help with administration costs.

three65 workshops are, as much as possible, run on a volunteer basis. Opportunities may come up that have additional costs to cover materials or a paid mentor, but this will always be optional.

The three65 experience
Many homeschooled teens are looking for a chance to get together and collaborate with others. three65 offers them the opportunity to come with their passions and interests, co-create learning experiences, and have fun together. They learn about the process of running a group democratically and initiate projects from the planning stages to implementation. With the support of parents and mentors, they are able to create learning experiences they would not be able to experience on their own. And they develop leadership skills while creating lasting friendships. Here is what three65 youth from last year, our pilot year, are saying:

“I think it’s amazing to have a group of very different teenagers come together and create a new system of learning, grow together, and become friends at the same time!”

“I really had fun!”

“I liked the mentors and kids!”

“I really liked all of it! It’s not just one part… it’s all of it!”

“I enjoyed learning how to work and make plans as a group. To me, it’s a very important skill to have.”

“We are an amazing group that likes to hang out and come up with fantastic ideas. We don’t use all our ideas but we take out the best ones and turn them into something amazing!”

three65 brought out the BEST in people.”

How to Join
If you’d like to register, or would like to know more about three65, contact winnipegthree65 at gmail dot com and one of our mentors will get back to you.

We’d love to have you join our learning adventures!