Please Take Our Survey!


Hello fellow homeschoolers!

The Manitoba Association for Schooling at Home (MASH) is the oldest homeschool association in the province. Its beginnings reach back to the late 1970’s. It is currently the only association in the province that represents all home schooling families regardless of faith or philosophy. MASH maintains an excellent relationship with the Government of Manitoba and over the years has been instrumental in helping create the homeschool-friendly climate we currently find ourselves living in.

Over the years MASH has needed to grow and change to meet the demands of newer generations of homeschoolers and we once again find ourselves at such a crossroads. The current team dissolved the organization and redesigned the bylaws in 2013 and spent 2014 initiating a new webpage and creating an active online Facebook community.

MASH desires to expand that work and create an even stronger home-schooling community but we need to know about you as homeschooling parents and families. We would like to better understand the Manitoba homeschooling community and what it desires in a homeschooling organization.

So the advisory team has commissioned a comprehensive Homeschool survey. Please consider taking the time to fill out the complete survey (it consists of three pages) and let us know who you are, what you think, and how we can best serve you.

The survey is located here:

Thank-you so much for your time.

The MASH Advisory Team