Manitoba Correspondence Courses

These are copies of the course material for the Manitoba Independent Study options that were discontinued in 2021.

Each course is a merged document of the individual learning modules, answer keys if available, and sample midterm and final exams (sometimes with answer keys). The midterms, exams, and their keys, if available, are located either in the middle and at the end of the course, or both are located at the end of the documents.

Some courses require extra resources, and we have tried to link them where available.

MATHEMATICS – Compulsory

Grade 9 Mathematics (10F)

Grade 10 – Choose 1

Grade 10 Intro to Applied and Pre-Calculus Mathematics (20S)

Grade 10 Essential Mathematics (20S)

Grade 11 – Choose 1


Grade 9 English Language Arts (10F)

Grade 10 English Language Arts (20F)

Grade 11 ELA – Choose 1

Grade 11 ELA Comprehensive Focus (30S)

Body Image for Boys
● Maltese Falcon Track 1 and Track 2
Private I. Guana. The Case of the Missing Chameleon
Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters
Rough Faced Girl

Grade 11 ELA Transactional Focus (30S)

Grade 12 ELA – Choose 1

Grade 12 ELA Comprehensive Focus (40S)

Grade 12 ELA Transactional Focus (40S)


Grade 9 Canada and the Contempory World (10F)

Grade 10 Geographic Issues of the 21st Century (20F)

Grade 11 History of Canada (30F)


Grade 10 American History (20G)

Grade 12 Current Topics in First Nations, Metis and Inuit Studies (40S)

Grade 12 World Geography: A Human Persepctive (40S)

SCIENCES – Compulsory

Grade 9 Science (10F)

Grade 10 Science (20F)

SCIENCES – Electives

Grade 11 Biology (30S)

Grade 11 Chemistry (30S)

Grade 11 Physics (30S)

Grade 12 Biology (40S)

Grade 12 Chemistry (40S)

Grade 12 Physics (40S) – Part 1


Grade 9 Phys Ed/Health (10F)

Grade 10 Phys Ed/Health (20F)

Grade 11 Phys Ed/Health Active Healthy Lifestyles (30F)

Grade 12 Phys Ed/Health Active Healthy Lifestyles (40F)

LANGUAGE – Electives

Grade 9 Spanish (10G)

Grade 9 German (10G)

Grade 10 German (20G)

Grade 11 German (30S)

Grade 12 German (40S)

ART – Electives

Grade 9 Visual Arts (10S)

Grade 10 Visual Arts (20S)

Career Development – Electives

Grade 10 Life/Work Planning (20S)

Grade 11 Credit for Employment (30G)

Grade 12 Credit for Employment (40G)

Technology Education/Industrial Arts – Electives

Grade 9 Drafting Design Technology (10G)

Grade 10 Drafting Design Technology (20G)

Grade 9 Electricity/Electronics Technology (10G)

Grade 10 Electricity/Electronics Technology (20G)

Applied Commerce Education – Electives

Grade 10 Personal Finance (20S)

Grade 11 Accounting Essentials (30S)

Grade 12 Accounting Systems (40S)

Computer – Electives

Grade 10 Digital Pictures (25S)

Grade 10 Keyboarding (25S)

Human Ecology – Electives

Grade 12 Family Studies (40S)

Grade 12 Psychology (40S)


Espagnol (10G)
Mathématiques (10F) – not available
Éducation physique et Éducation à la santé (10F)

Introduction aux mathématiques appliquées at pré-calcul (20S)
Mathématiques au quotidien (20S)
Éducation physique et Éducation à la santé (20F)

Mathématiques au quotidien (30S)
Mathématiques pré-calcul (30S)
Éducation physique et Éducation à la santé (30F)

Mathématiques au quotidien (40S)
Mathématiques: Appliquées (40S)
Mathématiques pré-calcul (40S)
Éducation physique et Éducation à la santé (40F)