MASH Parents Night Out – Oct 28 2012

Our first Mash Parents’ Night will be

Sunday, October 28th 2012
start time 6:30pm
Please call or email for location information.

This evening is a parents’ nights out, only nursing babies welcomed.

The evening will start off with a greet and meet, then Jennifer will present her topic, to end the evening there will be a time to share a NUT-FREE pot-luck snack and enjoy talking with each other.

The topic for this evening is

Organizing the chaos : Tips and hints from a life-long, free-spirited, gifted-in-other-areas-but-not-housework, home schooling Mom of five on ways to deal with clutter, priorities, and balance.

The speaker for this topic is Jennifer Gehman (treasurer for Mash).

Feel free to leave whenever you need to.
The evening will end when everyone is out of the house.

See you all there!
Mash Board