MASH Parents' Enrichment Evening – Home Education: Leading Children Into Maturity

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Home Education: Leading Children Into Maturity
A Presentation by Pamela Whyte
Saturday, March 16, 2013
Norberry-Glenlee Community Center, 26 Molgat Ave (off of St Mary’s Road)

“What about Socialization?”
“What about University?”
“Don’t they drive you crazy?”
“How will they learn about the broader world?”

These questions will be familiar to any family who has decided to personally to educate their children. We hear them every day, from the checker at the grocery store to our mother on the phone – everyone is concerned about whether this works, and about what the ramifications for our children’s future is.

This presentation looks at homeschooling from a developmental point of view. What do children need in order to grow up into mature productive members of society? Is homeschooling able to provide these conditions?

As homeschoolers we are in the habit of being defensive or apologetic about our choice to bring our children home.  This presentations gives the solid scientific basis for why homeschooling works. It is based on the work of Dr. Gordon Neufeld at the Neufeld Institute.

The talk will be of interest to homeschooling parents, prospective homeschoolers, and to their concerned family and friends.

There will be a small buffet with beverages.

Pamela Whyte is a faculty member at the Neufeld Institute in Vancouver and a Winnipeg-based parent consultant who works with parents and professionals to make sense of the children in their care. Pamela is passionate about this approach and presents this material with compassion, enthusiasm, humour, and insight. She has an intuitive ability to connect with her clients.  She is a homeschooling mother of three children, aged 18, 15, and 11, and a long time member of MASH. She offers other parenting courses and workshop throughout the city and online. This will be her second presentation for MASH.


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This event is kindly being sponsored by the Manitoba Association for Schooling at Home and Pamela Whyte Consulting. Tickets are a $20 value but are being subsidized by both organizations.