MASH : Last Parents' Night Out/Spring Orientation Night Monday, May 27th 2013

Hello Everyone,
We are going to have our last Parents’ Night Out of the year until the fall. The last MASH : Parents’ Night Out will be paired up with the MASH : Spring Orientation Night  2013.
This event is titled Why choose to Homeschool?.
Monday, May 27th 2013
6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Pembina Trail Library
2724 Pembina Highway
Fort Garry, Winnipeg
Phone : 204-986-4370
Pembina Trail branch photo
We will start with a meet and greet while
sharing why we chose to homeschool . Then we will answer anyone’s questions.
To end the evening, we will enjoy a Nut-Free Snack that the MASH board is providing.
I know you all know you are homeschooling but it is great when you are new to see others that had to make the choice.
If you know anyone who is New at Homeschooling or hasn’t made up their minds about homeschooling invite them out.
We sometimes need others experiences to help us make the choice.
Come out and join us.
MASH Board