MASH 2020 Homeschool Conference – Planning without Panic

Planning Without Panic: Seeing with Fresh Eyes by Bonnie Ferguson-Baird

You might be thinking…Ack! What have I decided to do!?

Don’t panic. Homeschooling is the adventure of a lifetime and one that might surprise you. Come and find out how to “find your why” so you can relax and enjoy the gift presented to you during these uncertain times.

Speaker: Bonnie Ferguson-Baird

Bonnie Ferguson-Baird is a wife and mother of three wonderful homeschooled kids – two who have graduated and one who is in high school. Her background in social work has led her through teaching, counseling, intentional parenting, and planning. When not learning with her kids, she works with schools and organizations to clarify vision and map out clear steps to reach goals. She is a contributing author in Catch a Fire: Fuelling Inquiry and Passion through Project-Based Learning.