MASH 2020 Homeschool Conference – Navigating Learning Challenges

Help for homeschooling parents with struggling learners

About this Event

Sometimes our children struggle. They struggle to learn, they struggle to engage, they struggle to feel good about their learning. And sometimes we as parents can feel like we are in a maze, trying to figure out how to help. Join veteran homeschooling parents who have experienced this struggle with their own children and see how they navigated the maze.

Panelists: Karen Friesen, Jennifer Gehman and Linda Thorlakson

Karen Cameron Friesen (B.Ed, MA, ARCT) is a passionate educator and fearless advocate for students with learning challenges. She has taught from preschool through undergraduate levels. Parenting five amazing kids, two with significant learning difficulties, Karen has a breadth of experience navigating interventions that best support her learners. Her children have learned in homeschool, public and private school, French immersion, co-operative learning, neuro-educational and cognitive enhancement settings. She is the Executive Director of Ck2 Inc. which provides the Winnipeg South Homeschool Collective and the Arrowsmith Program.

Jennifer Gehman (BA, BEd.) is a veteran homeschooling mother of five children – four have graduated from homeschool to university and beyond and her fifteen-year-old is still learning in the living room. She is a co-founder of Wildwood Curriculum, past-president and online liaison at the Manitoba Association for Schooling at Home, and a facilitator at the Neufeld Institute. She always knew her oldest son processed information differently from her others children. She worked hard to give him the time and space to learn in his way at his own pace. In preparing to graduate and hopefully go to university they finally had formal assessments completed to discover that he had severely profound dysgraphia, excecutive functioning disoder and working memory problems. He is now completing his four year in UW Honours Theatre program as a back stage technician.

Linda Thorlakson: coming soon