MASH 2020 Homeschool Conference – Helping our Children Get It and Remember It

Helping our Children Get It and Remember It: Brain Compatible Learning

Ideas and inspiration to improve your child’s learning and retention

Since the 1980s, the idea of “brain-compatible learning” and how to use it with school-age children has been explored, but the field of brain research as it relates to teaching and learning has become progressively more popular in the past three decades as the ability to image and track processes in the brain have improved and become more accessible. In this time, education researchers have sought to understand how the results of this research can better inform our teaching practice.

In this session, we will discuss how these ideas can help homeschoolers when we work with our children, including how people can more effectively learn and remember new information as well as understand and retain complex concepts. This session will be full of practical ideas which homeschoolers can start using immediately.

Speaker: Rachael Fecyk-Lamb

Rachael has been homeschooling her ten-year-old son “from the beginning” and also previously homeschooled four nephews. Prior to becoming a parent later in life, she worked as a teacher in Canada, Pakistan, England and Spain, and she currently works as a teacher educator at the University of Manitoba. Rachael volunteers on the MASH Advisory team and as a community soccer director and coach. However, her happiest times are spent with her family playing board games or just talking and being together.