How to Write a Homeschool Progress Report

Monday, December 14, 7 pm, ONLINE

MASH is hosting a FREE online Zoom event intended to address your questions about writing and submitting your January Homeschooling Progress Reports. There will be a presentation followed by an opportunity to ask questions.

MASH Advisory Team member Rachael Fecyk-Lamb has had some discussions and email correspondence with the Manitoba Homeschooling Office Government Liaisons about the requirements for the Homeschooling Progress Reports which all homeschoolers need to submit by January 31, 2021.

In this Zoom session, Rachael will discuss how to write the reports in a way which the government liaisons will accept. For homeschoolers who received “Insufficient Homeschooling Program Outline” emails this fall, Rachael will explain how the liaisons would like us to write-up our resources in January.

Within this discussion, Rachael will also address the format for reporting usage of the Manitoba Curriculum if this is a resource you’re using in your homeschooling.

Please register in advance to attend this session. Spots are limited.

Please only sign up if you are sure that you can attend on the evening of December 14th. There is a limited number of spaces available, and we do not want people to miss out on this opportunity if others sign up but do not attend. If you will be sharing the viewing with a partner (ie. using the same screen) you only need to sign up once.

This Zoom session will be recorded and made available later to all homeschoolers through the MASH website.