Homeschool Music History Class at CMU

(Taken from the Winnipeg Homeschool Yahoo! Group)

I would like to let people know about an interesting course for homeschoolers that is being offered at the Canadian Mennonite University. It is on music history & I believe geared to middle- or high school aged students. The info is below. I am flogging this course as my son would like to take it but they need additional students to run the course.


MUSIC HISTORY: “The Story Behind the Music”

Music history comes to life in this innovative class presented by Dr. Michelle Miller. Dr. Miller is a professional flautist and music history scholar with many years’ experience teaching children and adults.

This class will provide students with a foundation to understand the history and literature of music. Major compositions selected spanning the Middle Ages to the Twentieth Century will be studied. Students will explore the music, the people who wrote it, and the instrumentation used to perform it. They will also learn what else was going on in the world, e.g. politics, social movements, when the music was written.

This class is a perfect opportunity to learn the material required for the RCM History exams.

Friday afternoons (75 minute classes)
Cost: $175 (14 weeks)