Driver's Education for Homeschool Students

MPI is pleased to announce enhancements to their registration system that will greatly improve access to Driver Ed for homeschool students. Previously most homeschool students would have to wait at least a month to register after students in the host school had priority. However, as of November 16, 2015, homeschool students will now have equal access to courses within their school division in the primary/priority phase.

Note: This does not apply to most Independent schools or schools that have closed reciprocity due to offering half-credit/credit programs.

This is how it will work:

  1. Students will go to our Course Finder as early as November 12th (for the term Jan-June 2016) to view available courses or in French,
  2. They will select the school division they live in and for the school they are enrolled in they will choose “Home School”
  3. They will then put in their date of birth, click “search” and all available courses will show below. This will include when they can register (which will now show November 16th for schools in their division).

This should provide many more options for homeschool students within their school division. We would like to thank all the host schools and the Independent Education Unit at Manitoba Education and Advanced Learning for helping us make this a reality.


Jodi Winter B.Ed., HRM, CCR
Curriculum Development and Training Support Specialist
Driver Education and Training | Manitoba Public Insurance