What About Socialization?

This is the questions that homeschoolers must face almost continually. In fact, those of us who’ve been homeschooling for many years don’t even tackle it anymore. We just say we’re not worried and move on. This article is a fantastic summary of exactly why we don’t worry about it. Why I Don’t Worry About my Homeschoolers’ Socialization by Annie Reneau over at simplehomeschool.net

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Manitoba Homeschool Laws

Manitoba Homeschool Laws

Taken from a homeschool article written by a MASH advisory team member for Homeschool Canada Homeschooling regulations in Manitoba are very simple: let the government know you are going to homeschool and update them twice on how it’s going. To be more specific, the current legislation requires that a parent or guardian notify the minister of education of the establishment of a home school for […]

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