Homeschooling Enrollment Over the Years

Here are the homeschooling enrollment numbers for every year since 2000. Homeschooling has seen, on average, 8% growth every year. We’ve tripled in number since 2000. Homeschooling Enrollment Since 2000

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CMU scholarships

As the holiday break approaches, please let your homeschooled contacts know about Canadian Mennonite University’s scholarships. The holidays are an opportune time to discover all the awards CMU has to offer. Please note the deadline for applications is February 29, 2016. Our awards include leadership scholarship, music merit award, business merit award, Outtatown leadership scholarship, and academic merit award. Most require an essay and nomination […]

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Manitoba Education Resource Library – ten things you need to know

Last Saturday, about a dozen homeschool parents (and a couple of kids) met at the MB Education Resource Library for an orientation and tour of the facility.  Many more would have liked to join us but weren’t able to.  Those of us who were present left feeling inspired, some of us kicking ourselves for not having connected with this great resource earlier in our homeschooling […]

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2015 MASH Survey Results

Here is a summary of the MASH survey results compiled for 2015. Total Respondents: 85 From the initial mailing to the membership email list and a posting on the MASH Facebook group, there were 54 responses. This represents about a 22% response rate. (The average response rate for email surveys is about 24%.) An additional 31 responses were recorded after the survey was released to […]

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Driver's Education for Homeschool Students

MPI is pleased to announce enhancements to their registration system that will greatly improve access to Driver Ed for homeschool students. Previously most homeschool students would have to wait at least a month to register after students in the host school had priority. However, as of November 16, 2015, homeschool students will now have equal access to courses within their school division in the primary/priority […]

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Day in a Homeschool Life

Ever wonder what other homeschoolers do all day?  Check out the “Day in a Homeschool Life” posts by Winnipeg homeschooler and blogger Kris Antonius here.   Her series features guest posts by other (mostly) local homeschoolers/unschoolers describing a typical day in their family’s life.  You’re invited to share your own story here, so consider giving us a peek into your world through Kris’ series!

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Changes to MASH

Hello MASH Members, It has been a trying year for MASH, and there are some changes that we’d like to tell you about. MASH has been declining in membership for recent years, and we have had difficulty getting members to come to AGMs or get involved in leadership. At the last AGM, we had a situation where almost the entire board was discussing resigning, each […]

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