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MTYP Homeschool Drama Classes

Posted on | September 18, 2016 | Comments Off on MTYP Homeschool Drama Classes

MTYP Drama

Homeschool Creative Drama (5-6 years): Creative Drama is a fun and encouraging introduction to theatre and drama. Students develop their imaginations and powers of self-expression through drama games, music and dance, story theatre, and role playing. A great class for anyone who loves to make believe!

Full Year/30 sessions
Mondays 11 am-12 pm
First Class Sept 19, 2016

Home School Junior Acting (7-9 years): Students are taught to build their acting skills through drama games, character-building exercises, and acting out stories. A typical class will include physical and vocal warm-ups, creative movement, and lots and lots of acting! The benefits of this class include developing teamwork and cooperation, imagination, concentration, and discovering the power of stories!

Full Year/30 sessions
Mondays 10:45 am-12 pm
First Class Sept 19, 2016

Home School Advanced Ensemble (10-12 years): Students will record their own movies, learn theatre sports and improvisation, and step behind the curtain for a dynamic, inside look at the backstage world. This course continues to build performance skills while opening your mind to new dimensions of theatre. A variety of creative challenges will build ability to work as a team, develop trust among fellow artists, and provide tools to use technique and technology to find their voice.

Advanced Ensemble: Movies, Improv, and More 10-12 years
Full Year/30 sessions
Mondays 10:30 am-12 pm
First Class Sept 19, 2016


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