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There are a several homeschooling support groups in the province:

Manitoba Association for Schooling at Home (MASH) is an inclusive organization open to all faith, philosophies and points of views. They have an active francophone contingent. They offer support, information and several activities to their members.

Westman Homeschool Connection is a network of diverse families in and around Brandon. You can find every homeschooling style, kids of all ages, levels, and abilities, and a great group of people. They also offer a May conference.

Manitoba Association of Christian Home Schools Inc. (MACHS) offers a vast range of information and networking for Christian families, in addition to an annual well-attended provincial conference.

The Winnipeg Homeschool Yahoo Group is an active email group of local homeschoolers. It is a wealth of information and support.


MASH’s Facebook group is Manitoba Homeschools

Westman Homeschool Connection

Winnipeg Homeschoolers

Winnipeg Homeschooling Network

Unschooling Manitoba


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